We want the customer to be happy! We are a small vintage collectable company. Many of our items are those that have come down through the hands of our own family and friends. We want to have items we can trust that you can trust. We sure have a lot of fun in this business and we hope you will enjoy what you purchase. We believe in quality and want your trust, so we put our heart into our work. All of our items are 20 years old or more. This is the Vintage Way, a walk through time.

Vintage Way

We are a sweet little shop of vintage collectables that takes you on a walk through time. All of our items are 20 years old or more.

Vintage Way is proudly owned and operated by a wonderful blind woman, Jennifer K. O'Hara. Please support the blind.

Come back and visit us again soon, things are always changing here at Vintage Way, a walk through time. If you need us, we are right here.

Most items arrive ready to gift with a gift tag. Simply pull off the business card to for safe keeping.

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